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a Local provider,   offering Local services,   to Local businesses,   at Local rates
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Fire Martial and Wardens

Dependant on the size of your premises and the staffing levels you will require one or more  Fire Martial or Warden.


The Responsible Person where necessary to safeguard the safety of employees and other relevant persons,  should nominate employees to implement certain fire safety measures which can include fire evacuation, sweeps of the building, roll call and other tasks.


The need for fire wardens and the quantity will depends on the size and complexity of the premises.


In larger complex buildings, you may require one on each floor or department with a chief fire warden coordinating their actions to make sure all persons are accounted for in the event of a fire. In smaller premises you may only need one or two. Your Fire Risk Assessment should identify the quantity required.


Wardens also require special training above the needs of the normal employee / staff training.


They should be competent in:



How we can Help


CWE able to carry out all your Warden and Martial Training requirements.


Different premises and occupants required differing levels and content of training. We will evaluate your requirements and implement a training program to suit your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e mail if you have any questions in relation to your Fire Safety requirements.
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