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a Local provider,   offering Local services,   to Local businesses,   at Local rates
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At CWE we fully aware that not all organisations have the necessary skill set to carry out all required tasks in relation to Fire Safety that is placed on them in today’s commercial environment.

And with the  ” Fire Safety (Employees’ Capabilities) (England) Regulations 2010  this is now more so.  

Responsible Person Services

CWE can help and assist your organisation with our “Responsible Person Support Service”. We work along side your Responsible Person assisting them with all their Fire Safety Requirements.


Service are tailored to meet the requirements of the individual organisation, this can be as much or as little as required:

 Weekly

 Monthly Quarterly

 Bi-Annual

 Annual

 Add Hoc when required (with building, staff or process changes)

 On Site Visits or by Telephone when required


Our services can also include involvement in as many tasks as required, from the basic Fire Risk Assessment through to implementing documentation and processes, onto managing service and maintenance contracts.


CWE have a  “Responsible Persons Support Service” has the flexibility to meet the client’s requirements.


After your Fire Risk Assessment is completed and produced, the overall task of Fire Safety is not finished.


Your Fire Risk Assessment is a living document designed to evolve with your staff, your premises and the process within as well as any issues with the surrounding environment.


The assessment should be reviewed regularly, and any arising issues dealt with in order to maintain a compliant and safe environment.


Whether the risk assessment was produced by CWE, an in house employee, or by another provider, we can work along side your “Responsible Person” within the organisation to implement and manage any changes or improvements, whether relating to Passives or Active Fire Safety Issues.

The Fire Safety (Employees’ Capabilities) (England) Regulations 2010 ,is an additional piece of legislation that relating to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which was released on the 6th of April 2010.



The article states that, the employer must consider what a worker is able or unable to do when delegating responsibility for fire related risks.


The new regulation states that, Employers are to take employees' capabilities into consideration.


Every employer must, in entrusting tasks to employees, take into account their capabilities with regards to health and safety, so far as those capabilities relate to fire.

It reinforces what the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 indicates and supports the duty that staff must have, sufficient training and experience or knowledge'.


In order to carry out a Fire risk assessment; the legislation governing them states that they should be undertaken by a  ‘competent person’

A Competent Person is “a person who has acquired through training, qualification or experience, or a combination of them, the knowledge and skills to carry out a particular task.”


So, employers will now have to think about what a worker is able and unable to do when giving those tasks and how these capabilities may affect their ability to deal with fire related risks. This includes fire risk assessments and nominated fire wardens or marshals.

The RRO is still the primary legislation concerning all sectors of fire safety and these extra regulations should not impose any extra burden on organisations. It merely highlights what you might not have known before.

“employers are to take employees capabilities into consideration prior to delegating responsibilities”

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Please feel free to contact us by phone or e mail if you have any questions in relation to your Fire Safety requirements.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or e mail if you have any questions in relation to your Fire Safety requirements.